Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy | F.A.Q.’s
Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy is the largest rehabilitation centre on the North Shore located in the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre.
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Massage Services
What are the benefits of massage?
  • The physiological effects of massage have been documented through both historic & contemporary research. As the hands move over the body, the muscles are physically stretched. This encourages circulation & inhibits muscle spasm. In this way, pain is eased, healing facilitated & movement restored.
  • Massage is also preventative. Loosened muscles & increased circulation improves tissue health & thereby diminishes the chance of injury.
  • After a workout, massage speeds up the recovery process & decreases delayed-onset-muscle-soreness resulting from exercise.
  • Other effects, such as decreased anxiety, are not well understood. However, it is thought that some of the physical & psychological outcomes may be due to the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.
If I have extended health care, how much will my massage cost?

Please, ask for a receipt & check with your extended health care company!

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Access to massage therapy does not require a doctor’s referral although some insurance companies may require it.

What types of massage therapy are offered?

Choose to pamper yourself with a relaxation massage. Loosen & re-energize tight muscles with a deep tissue massage. Or ask about specific massages designed to enhance athletic performance or recover from an injury. Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Exercise are also included in the scope of Registered Massage Therapists.

What type of education do Registered Massage Therapists have?

British Columbia’s Registered Massage Therapists are the most extensively trained in North America & possibly the World. Curriculums are medically based including a thorough study of physiology, anatomy & pathology (diseases & injuries) with a definite bent toward orthopedics. Practical training includes the treatment of chronic diseases, orthopedic injuries & the effects of long-term stress.

Would it be possible to set up regular, ongoing, massage therapy appointments?

Yes. In fact, this is a convenient & popular choice. It is also considered to be smart & preventative, health maintenance. After you set up your on-going appointment, you’ll be automatically rebooked weekly or bi-monthly, whichever you prefer.