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Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy is the largest rehabilitation centre on the North Shore located in the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre.
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Nabil Tarazi

Nabil Tarazi, BScPT

Nabil is co-owner and co-founder of the Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy. He completed his Physiotherapy degree at McGill University in 1991. He has now over 20 years of experience in private practice treating a variety of orthopaedic  and sports injuries.


Nabil’s treatment philosophy will always incorporate postural re-education, education on injury prevention, manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.


Nabil has a special interest in exercise prescription, gym programs and is dedicated to home care treatments on the North Shore from Deep Cove to Lions Bay.

Denise Morbey

Denise Morbey, BScPT, FCAMT, CGIMS

Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy
Gunn IMS Practitioner

Denise is the co-owner of Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy. She brings over 20 years of clinical experience to her practice specializing in both manual and manipulative therapy as well as developing extensive expertise in the area of sacroiliac and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Along with her strong manual therapy skill, Denise also utilizes the treatment of IMS (intramuscular stimulation) to address neuropathic pain and pain due to shortened muscles. IMS is a modern form of acupuncture that was developed at the Gunn Institute in Vancouver and is currently taught at UBC. Denise utilizes the principle of pilates to enhance the active rehabilitation programs individually designed for her clients.


In addition to Denise’s clinical experience, Denise also uses the principles of Pilates to reduce compression on vertebral joints, strengthen the core and improve overall muscular balance. Her extensive sport physiotherapy experiences earned her the position of Deputy Venue Medical Supervisor for the Figure Skating venue at the 2010 Winter Olympics. She has also worked as a team therapist for local and national teams including the position as a physiotherapist for the 2001 World Figure Skating Championships, 2008 Canadian Figure Skating Championships, and 2009 ISU Grand Prix.


As an avid triathlete (Ironman 2003), Denise has developed a sub-specialty working with triathletes and runners including treatment of acute and chronic injuries as well as injury prevention. Both clinical and personal experience has helped Denise to develop her skills to assess running biomechanical errors, improving speed and reducing injuries utilizing video analysis. Denise is a yearly lecturer with the Sun Run-In-Training programs.

Chrys Gonidakis

Chrys Gonidakis, BScPT

Chrys Gonidakis is co-owner and co-founder of the Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy and Ocean Walk Physiotherapy. She graduated from McGill University in 1991. She initially worked at the Montreal Neurological Institute and the Royal Victoria Hospital until she moved to Vancouver in 1993 and has been working in private practice since.


Chrys has 25 years of experience in Orthopaedic and Sports injuries rehabilitation, and has treated patients of all ages.


Chrys’ treatment approach incorporates manual therapy, patient education and exercise prescription. Chrys provides Physiotherapy treatments in home setting upon request within the entire North Shore.

Jacqui Steinberg

Jacqui Steinberg, BScPT, CAFCI

Certified by Acupuncture Foundation of Canada


Jacqui has 25 years experience in physiotherapy, specializing in orthopedics & sports injuries. With extensive experience in work conditioning programs, functional testing, job site assessments and training for return to work and sports she has worked in private practice, home care, a hand clinic and geriatric environments.


After qualifying with a degree in physiotherapy at the University of Cape Town in South Africa she re-qualified as a Canadian physiotherapist in 1990 and subsequently qualified in Acupuncture through AFCI.


In South Africa she studied and worked under the guidance of a leading sports medicine physician. Complimenting this experience Jacqui has been a trainer for a first league rugby team and worked on medical teams for various summer and winter games. She gives regular talks to running groups. As an avid runner she recently completed the Boston marathon.


She has completed many courses in treatment and prevention of running injuries and is considered a specialist through “The Running Clinic” (see below).


Post graduate study includes courses in orthopedics, orthotic prescription, sports injuries, functional testing, job demands analysis, ergonomic analysis and intervention, Pilates for physiotherapists and yoga practice for physiotherapy. She has her sport level one and sports responder certificate.

Laura-2 cropped

Laura Andrews, BScPT


Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy
Functional Dry Needling, Level 1

Laura was born and raised in England, moved to Canada in 1987 and became a Canadian Citizen in 1995, the same year she completed her Physiotherapy degree at UBC. She attained her Certificate in Sport physiotherapy 2004 and has worked extensively with Rugby over the years at the club level along with working and travelling with B.C. and  National rugby teams. She also spent 8 year as Physiotherapist to the B.C. and Canadian Netball teams. She has been co-Chairperson and Treasurer of the Sport Physiotherapy B.C. committee and is still an active member of the Meraloma Athletic Club executive committee. She considers one of the greatest highlights of her career so far to be the opportunity to work at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, at the Women’s Ice Hockey venue.


Laura’s physiotherapy career has been varied and continues to evolve, with her enjoying working with patients of all ages and abilities. She has enjoyed working with varied caseloads over the last 22 years including patients with Orthopaedic, Sports and Neurological injuries, along with return to work programs. Through her experience working with sports teams, she has continued to have a keen interest in sports injuries, and in particular return to sport (and all activity) after mild traumatic brain injuries (concussions). She takes an active approach to her treatment, with a focus on injury prevention and patient education. She has received education in the treatment of BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and vestibular issues; and more recently she completed the Level 1 in Functional Dry Needling (FDN 1). This type of dry needling is similar to IMS, but works primarily by loosening bands of tight muscle and decreasing trigger point activity. Laura is also a certified physical/functional capacity evaluator.


Her early participation and love of sports, especially track and field, netball, field hockey and downhill skiing, set the stage for an active lifestyle. This has included playing soccer for almost 20 years, playing squash and recreational downhill ski racing, along with running, cycling and, in more recent year completing a marathon, 2 triathlons, and a number of cycling events (the ride to conquer cancer 5 times and 2 grand fondos). She loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking the north shore trails, all year round.

Candace McCurdy

Candace McCurdy, BScPT, CAFCI, CGIMS

Certified Neurac Provider/Instructor
CAFCI Acupuncture Certified
Chan Gunn IMS Practitioner


Candace’s philosophies are centered on approaches dealing with the whole body and movement mechanics, primarily using the Redcord Neurac system and techniques. Treatments focus on finding and addressing the identified weak links, allowing people to get back to a pain free life with full mobility. She believes in educating people on how to use proper movement to fix their bodies. Her active one on one treatments get the right muscles firing, for the right amount at the right time.


Prior to studying physiotherapy Candace worked as ski patroller and wilderness guide specializing in back country skiing and expedition rafting. She is actively involved in mountain biking, kite boarding, sailing, hiking, running, downhill and backcountry skiing. Her constant involvement in sport and activity give her a true understanding of the importance of movement and mobility.


Beth Canny, Registered Kinesiologist


BCAK – Kinesiologist
Bachelor of Exercise Science
Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology


Having grown up in an active family and competing in a number of sports, Beth was drawn naturally to the health and fitness industry. Originally from Australia, Beth studied at Australian Catholic University completing her Bachelor of Exercise Science and with her interest in chronic disease/injury continued on to complete her Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. Prior to coming to Canada Beth worked in a rural hospital as part of a large rehabilitation team for just under 3 years. Here she gained experience working with individuals with a variety of conditions and injuries and provided exercise prescription and guidance throughout their recovery.


Beth is passionate about exercise and it’s evident ability to empower people of all ages and abilities. Her treatment approach is to provide evidence-based therapy via exercise prescription and education that is specific to each individual.