Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy | Careers
Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy is the largest rehabilitation centre on the North Shore located in the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre.
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P/T or F/T Massage therapist


Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy is located in a large community centre with a beautiful pool and gym facility. The clinic has relaxed, friendly and enjoyable environment in which we offer Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, IMS, Redcord therapy, Massage Therapy and Active Rehabilitation. The clinic has great office staff that keeps the clinic very well organized, and the team works closely together, collaborating where needed to achieve the ultimate results for the patient.


The massage room is available for 4-5 shifts per week, including weekends.


Ideally, you will have a humble, positive, outgoing and professional personality to further enhance the already happy and easy-going atmosphere of the clinic.


The clinic is located within the beautiful West Vancouver Community/Aquatic Centre. It boasts a fitness centre, pool facility and many programs and is only a five-minute walk from the West Vancouver seawall.


The clinic provides: A room with electric table. Full reception: bookings/payments/direct billing (where needed). Staff room and washer/dryer available. Advertising through the website and at community events.


The massage therapist provides: Lotion and linens. Brochures and cards. On-line or paper-based charting. Your clientele, your charts and your business always remain your own.


To explore this opportunity, please send your resume, cover letter and any further questions to Ranah Gitsels (business manager) –

…takes the time to truly listen to your needs;
and provides outstanding attention & treatment to get you functioning again.

– Diane & Tobias Koch