Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy | Muscle Strengthening for Runners
Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy is the largest rehabilitation centre on the North Shore located in the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre.
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Muscle Strengthening for Runners

Denise and runners

Muscle Strengthening for Runners

Muscle strengthening is one of the best ways to prevent running injuries and to improve bio mechanical efficiency.

Strong muscles, ligaments and tendons guard against impact as the foot hits the ground. As we land the glutes and core muscles contract to stabilize the pelvis and leg. The knee, foot and ankle muscles are activated to provide a solid base to land on. As the body moves forward over the weight bearing leg we need strength in the core, hip and lower leg to keep the pelvis and lower extremity joints properly positioned.

The muscles work in patterns to move the leg backward and allow efficient push off. Muscle balance maintains symmetry which makes running fluid and allows for consistent gait. If one of the stabilizer muscles is not strong enough the entire chain of movement is disrupted.

Most runners lack strength in at least one muscle group as well as in the neuromuscular patterning. Strength training helps to improve neuromuscular pathways enabling one to run with greater control and efficiency.

An assessment by a physiotherapist will help you identify any weak ares and guide a specific strength program for you.