Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy | Active Rehabilitation: How it will Help You Recover
Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy is the largest rehabilitation centre on the North Shore located in the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre.
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Active Rehabilitation: How it will Help You Recover

Dumbbells usage. Close up of male patient with dumbbells during physical therapy praxis and hands of female physiotherapist helping him

Active Rehabilitation: How it will Help You Recover

Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy is very pleased to inform you about our latest added service – Active Rehabilitation. In August 2017, kinesiologist Beth Canny joined our team and since has helped many people get back to their pre-injury fitness. Learn here what Active Rehabilitation is all about and how it can help you!

What is Active Rehabilitation?
Active Rehabilitation is the use of exercise and exercise prescription designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness, or disease to as normal a condition as possible.
In order for our bodies to move efficiently and pain free we must generate the proper recruitment and activation from our muscles. Joint restrictions and inflexibility can alter this process and produce a dysfunctional movement pattern.

What benefits does it have?
We aim to restore proper movement patterns that can be lost or altered due to injury. Our Active Rehabilitation program is devoted to get people:
Moving pain free and;
– Moving more functionally

As injury causes us to shift from our optimal posture, this can cause over compensation to other parts of the body as well as altered joint mechanics. We work to:
Restore these losses and compensatory patterns
Improve mobility in joints
Improve flexibility of tissues and;
Strengthen muscle groups

Who is it for?
Most of our clients are people who have suffered from a Motor Vehicle Accident; as along with Physiotherapy, it is part of ICBC’s funded rehabilitation program.
Aside from MVA injuries, people with complaints such as Lower back pain, Neck pain/headaches, Posterior hip pain, SI joint pain, Sciatic pain or Shoulder pain/impingement can benefit from this service.

How does it work?
Our kinesiologist Beth works in conjunction with our physiotherapists and other health care professionals to implement appropriate and progressive individual rehab programs.

Our approach is to see a Physiotherapist for your assessment, who will set up a treatment plan with the kinesiologist to provide 60 minute sessions of supervised one-on-one attention to help our clients be safe, get results and have fun!

To schedule an appointment and for more information, call us at 604-925-3408 or book online